From spatialised sound to augmented reality overlays, emerging technologies give developers, creatives and performers new ways to blend physical and virtual worlds. However, to fulfil their potential in terms of use, design and implementation, we need to explore immersive experiences from multiple perspectives and in different domains.

While significant investment is being made in a range of platforms to deliver immersive experiences, we want to enable bold, interdisciplinary thinking around future content, tools, services and applications. If the potential of immersion is to be fully realised in new markets and emergent forms of cultural experience, bridges between arts and digital technology, marketplace and research, need to be built.

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Immersion Showcase

The SWCTN Showcase pulled together deep thinking research and newly developed R&D prototypes to consider the immersion market, from its instabilities and difficult challenges to the enormous future potential of immersive experiences, experiences which make people see, feel, think and work differently.

From ambient technologies projection mapping, sound, performance, VR, AR, mixed reality and beyond the SWCTN Immersion showcase celebrated the brave, ethical and innovative uses of technologies developed through the Networks Prototype and Immersion Fellowship programme.


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Framing Immersion: Stories from an emerging market

by Mark Leaver

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Immersion Showcase Programme

Immersion Showcase Programme

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