Katie Goode

VR Creative Director

Katie Goode is the Creative Director and co-founder of award-winning games studio Triangular Pixels, one of the key members of the UK VR and gaming community.¬†Having worked in virtual reality and augmented reality since 2012, and in games development since 2008, Katie has been described as a VR ‘pioneer’‚Äč by pushing the technology forward to what it’s really capable of.

Since its founding in 2014, Triangular Pixels has launched the BAFTA-nominated HTC Vive game Unseen Diplomacy, the PlayStation multiplayer party VR game Smash Hit Plunder, and worked with a number of other businesses on their own non-games VR projects.

Katie wishes to find out how developers can improve VR accessibility, allowing for more users, greater diversity of players, and growing the potential market for immersive content.

What I’m working on:

‘Flat’ gaming has accessibility fairly solved. For the VR industry, we have a large issue of accessibility – from physical disabilities, to limitations in the size of spaces; and these accessibility issues are ruining immersive experiences for those groups and restricting the VR audience potential.

We would want to investigate immersive content accessibility, and explore how limited mobility and limited play areas are affecting those user groups, and also how developers should be building their experiences.

Expertise and skills:

Katie is passionate about VR, and about sharing what she has learnt among other developers. She’s previously spoken at events such as Google I/O and Develop Conference, as well as being featured on The Guardian, VRFocus, and BBC Click. Katie is also a BAFTA Breakthrough Brit and an advisory board member for the BGI.

Katie brings to the table the ability to concept, plan and create experiences and software, and she has strong links to hardware manufacturers and devs all around the world. She also has valuable experience of the real world business of AR and VR.