Sharon Clark Fellowship – Part 1

This is part 1 of Sharon Clark’s Immersion Fellowship sharing. To see her other posts, visit Sharon’s profile

During the fellowship, my research was to consider at how we might build anticipation and recall into a theatre performance. What drives me also in my creative practice as a playwright and theatre maker is how I can tell a story over a sustained period of time that exists outside of the theatre walls. To this end, a great deal of the thinking and reflecting that I did under the fellowship went on to inform the research and development for my company, Raucous’ next show, The Undrowned. I needed a test bed to investigate the ideas I considered during my fellowship and so Raucous held a week’s R&D with some of its collaborators to explore further how we might build experiences for an audience outside of the performance space.

In a crypt in Bristol we prototyped elements of a possible story harnessing spatial sound, space design, augmented/mixed reality, audience journey planning and production aesthetics. This short film was made on day one as the team began to start the process of imagining where the story could take an audience.