by Ben Dunks

Renaissance is an immersive falls prevention programme, designed for vulnerable older people living in Sheltered Accommodation and paid for by Housing Associations. At its heart is a movement programme that will be delivered by Housing Association Carers through an interactive platform. It is a programme that will fundamentally change the heath of all who experience it alongside decreasing their chances of falling.

Our Prototyping Project is an ambitious set of three different programmes that will ultimately support the success of Renaissance.

1) In partnership with CAMERA at Bath University we will Motion Capture 6 participants from Bath Sheltered Housing as they go through our movement programme across 6 weeks, one session/week. This will demonstrate change in participant movement, validating the programme as suitable for falls prevention.

2) Plymouth Community Homes, our partner in the development of Renaissance, work with sensors embedded into resident armchairs, measuring activity levels. We will work with 3 cohorts of participants in Plymouth, using accelerometers to measure movement in sessions and linking this to residential data to help evaluate session impact.

3) We will work with PCH Carers, participants and senior managers to design, test and iterate their experiences across the programme ensuring the prototype meets needs.

This is an ambitious prototyping programme. The team working on it has been working together in these areas for 2 years. We have done all the pre-work we can and are ready to do extraordinary things with this funding.

About the Team

The team behind Renaissance is Ben Dunks, dance/movement artist, trainer and SWCTN Fellow, Emma McFarland, Digital and Innovation Producer and Christopher Hunt, Creative Technologist and Digital Artist. They have worked together for 2 years through Attik Dance and bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and excitement to the project.