Reading, Watching, Discussing – Sharon Clark Fellowship – Part 6

Photo by Ria Puskas on Unsplash

The Fellowship was extraordinary on many levels; new conversations with curious, creative people, protected time to take risk around my practice and being introduced to the work of 27 artists and technologists. However, the most precious aspect for me was being given space and time to read the approaches, thinking and considerations of others in the field. This is not an exhaustive list, merely an idea of some of the papers I read, the companies I watched and the practitioners I spoke to.

On Immersive TheatreGareth White
From Ritual to TheatreVictor Turner
Making Mistakes in Immersive TheatreAdam Alston
What role can technology play in contemporary theatre?Dave Carolan
Live Media : Interactive Technology & TheatreDavid Z Saltz
The Value of Being TogetherJan Wozniak
Touching the SpectatorColette Gordon
Why People Go To The TheatreBA Walmsley
Music & The Psychology of ExpectationDavid Huron
The Many Aspect of AnticipationRoberto Poli
(Syn)aesthetics : Redefining Visceral PerformanceJosephine Machon
Audience agency in participatory performanceAstrid Breel

Watched, spoke to, referenced work by:

  • Punchdrunk
  • Shunt
  • Dreamthinkspeak
  • Ontrorend Goed
  • Slung Low
  • Blast Theory
  • Coney
  • Zecora Ura & Para-Active
  • You Me Bum Bum Train
  • Third Rail Projects
  • Mark Storer and A Tender Subject
  • James Turrell and Bindu Shards