Mitch Turnbull Fellowship Research

Mitch Turnbull has been exploring the question: How can immersive technology influence opinion and change behaviour when used in conservation and humanitarian advocacy/campaign content?

Mitch’s aim is to identify and explore work that has been carried out or is currently being carried out that directly answers or informs this enquiry. Through this process she has been involved with three major data sets that has informed her work EarthSongs, a Magic Leap Prototype supported through the SWCTN Immersion Prototype Programme. 

  • Audience research around Marshmallow Laser Feast We Live in an Ocean of Air at the Saatchi Gallery (see upcoming blog on SWCTN website)
  • Alex Smalley Exeter University & European Centre for Environment and human health research that formed part of the podcast Forest 404 (Radio 4) Over 7600 people took part in the study and this shared data directly feed into the development of EarthSong
  • Nicola Yeo European Centre for Environment and human health – controlled study Effects of virtual marine environments on boredom, mood and nature connectedness: A comparison of matched content across TV, 360º video and virtual reality exposures

Mitch has presented her research at Mikrofest in Exeter, Immerse UK, SWCTN Showcase, Climate Week in New York and is currently sharing her research with the Eden Project, RIO Market Hall development and ACE.