Dr Rupa Chilvers

In parallel to the SWCTN Immersion Fellowship programme, Kaleider offered four Devon based individuals Research & Development bursaries. These bursaries were for new immersive ideas or experiences that utilise Creative Technology

Each recipient received up to a £2,000 bursary, residence at Kaleider Studios for the duration of the R&D, and mentoring in idea development, producing, funding and creative technology to support the future of their ideas.

Dr Rupa Chilvers is a social scientist who has spent time working with clinicians, technologists, academics, behaviourists, organisational development leads, project managers and many more people in health and social care across the UK and internationally. The main focus of her work has been in translating research findings into practice to make a new impact in the services and care that is provided. She has a keen interest in digital health, workforce development and the role immersive technologies can play to increase understanding and connections between people. Rupa is passionate about bringing projects to life and seeing how far they can be taken to reach frontline care.

With her Immersion microgrant, Dr Chilvers was asking how can you scale immersive technology content for use in healthcare training and keep it somewhere close to scientifically robust? Her project was about exploring an idea about sourcing qualitative interview transcripts from research studies (focussing on women’s experience in pregnancy) to develop a scaleable content development process for immersive technology.