Louisa Adjoa Parker


Louisa is a south west writer of Ghanaian/English heritage. She writes poetry, fiction, BAME history and opinion pieces. Louisa’s work has appeared in a wide range of publications. She is passionate about telling the stories of marginalised voices from the south west, in a variety of ways.

What I’m working on:

My research question is exploring the experience of being a person of colour in a white area: What does it feel like to be the visible Other in rural landscapes, and how can creative technologies be utilised to communicate this experience to the wider community in a way that is authentic, meaningful, and supports the development of empathy in a way that leads to a tangible shift in attitudes? I plan to interview participants from a range of backgrounds to discuss both parts of this question, and produce a blog detailing my research process. For my final outcome I hope to produce a series of podcasts.

Expertise and skills:

I have many years’ experience of gathering oral testimonies from the public, and collating, writing and editing these stories. I have written books and exhibitions and been involved in the production of short films exploring the experiences of BAME people in the south west. I am good at finding the essence or nugget of a story, when trawling through long transcripts. I am new to immersion, and I am fascinated by the ways we can use this to tell our stories, and connect to people different to ourselves in a meaningful way.


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