Thursday 21st November

An extension of our conceptual work on ” voice shadows ” has seen the development of possibilities for public intervention work with the realisation of ” voice shadow flags ” .

Using the techniques of severe editing from voice recordings to create spectrogram landscapes , the work has then been realised into a mock up of St Ives Harbour intervention with the additional of geometric shapes referencing maritime warnings.

We have also been continuing our consideration of the importance of physical immersion, using walking as a way of understanding concepts. We performed a test walk using our new ‘trundle wheel’ and have been taking that experience of concepts within the body to look at ways in which these relative distances can be experienced within film and sound, through timed interventions; today we experimented using a taped ‘timeline’  on the studio floor and pacing out a click track. How can we use timings from the solar system (8 minutes for light to arrive from the sun, 1.25 seconds ‘light echo’ time lag somewhere between the reflected light on the sun hitting the earth as moonlight)…..? Is it interesting? Useful? We will be sharing our Measuring The Universe walk and some of our research questions and findings at our event on Friday (Porthmeor Studios, 1pm talk, 1.30 walk and 2.45 back for tea!