PM Studio Lunchtime Talk

1pm – 2pm Lunchtime Talk PM Studio
Crossing voids, building bridges – grief, conflict & resilience in immersion 

This lunchtime talk brings together three Immersion Fellows from the South West Creative Technology Network.

Across Voids: use of Immersive and AI Technologies to support grief
Speaker: Norah Lorway 

This talk gives an overview of Nora’s research over the last 8 years of immersive and AI technologies and their potential use in supporting grief and bereavement. She will discuss a tool that assists in supporting those going through bereavement, her future work and the future potential for immersive tech in mental health support.

The Possibilities of Immersive Mediation
Speaker: Marcus Smith

Deep thinking has led to me the idea of ‘Immersive Mediation’ – tried and tested mediation processes conducted in a projection mapped room, to assist parties in working towards a negotiated agreement of a dispute or difference. The art of negotiation is sorely needed in an age of seemingly increasing polarisation, from Parliament thrashing out Brexit, to family mediators helping couples part on amicable terms and handling the growth in hate crime, effective mediation is growing in demand.

Back To Reality: Real World Immersion and the Practice of Resilience

Speaker: Harmeet Chagger-Khan

In a complicated world, can Immersion pave the way to building resilient humans? Combining neuroscience, psychology and story-games, Harmeet explores how immersive experiences create opportunities for increased social resonance and how this field is the next evolution in the quantified self, wellbeing and people powered health movements.