by Dr Nick Inoue & Rowan James

TacTiles in partnership with SubStrike® will create an experience unlike any other. Allowing for bass-rich music to be felt by diverse audiences, creating collective experiences. TacTiles will be part of an exhilarating, accessible, performance space that will captivate people’s sense of touch, and enable an entirely new form of artistic expression: the haptic DJ.

Inclusivity within live performance for Disabled people is complicated and cannot be solved with tokenistic equality policies that reflect two-dimensional thinking around Disabled politics. It requires an approach that builds social and cultural infrastructure, where appropriate adaptive technology has a part to play in creating shared experiences.

Our prototype for a modular, tessellating, tactile-bass, platform will not only provide a scalable solution that shares the energy of bass with the widest range of people, but delivered in a meaningful, exciting and inclusive way.

About the Team

Rowan James:
Rowan’s experience includes facilitating learning and teaching – drawing on specialist knowledge of disability as a holistic subject, including Autistic spectrum conditions, specific learning difficulties and the linguistics around disability. He is a nationally recognised poet & theatre maker, and a progressive thinker within Disability justice politics, art and education.

Dr Nick Inoue:
Nick founded SubStrike Ltd and has been pioneering the technology used in their body-bass seat since 2008.