The Wow! Museum Software Art, Virtual Reality

Anthony Head

What happens when we make miniature figures life size, how does our perception of them change?

Working with the Holburne Museum, with students from Bath Spa University’s BA Digital Animation course, Anthony Head created an interactive virtual reality museum experience, with the help of Emma Klasse as a research assistant working with 1st year students from the Bath Spa University’s BA Digital Animation course. The project was funded by the South West Creative Technology Network (SWCTN) as part of it’s Immersion theme, and Bath School of Design core research funding,

The Wow! Museum presented a collection of figurines and other objects from the Holburne, normally hidden to the public. The project’s intention was to explore notions of scale in relation to objects that are normally small, as well as finding ways to engage new audiences with museum collections. Objects were scanned (with the support and guidance of Holburne Curator Catrin Jones), using photogrammetry and scaled up to life size and placed into a virtual recreation of the top floor gallery in the Holburne Museum. Additional 3D scanned objects were provided by the Bath Cultural Heritage network.