Surrender 1.0 at the Simple Things Festival 2019

Simple Things EXT. 2019 presents ‘Surrender’. The first result of Neil Harrisʼs work as part of the SWCTN Immersion Fellowship programme.⁠ A guided, immersive visual and sound meditation designed to take your mind on a transcending journey. Mixing the cosmic vibrations of singing bowls and gongs along with 360 surrounding visuals all projected on the Planetarium screen.⁠

The work explores placing vibration at the centre of the human experience, allowing the audience to make a connection between themselves and the world around them by showing the vibratory nature of everything from the Planets to atoms.

Visual Research for Surrender:

The gong vibrations were supported through custom designed ambi-sonics utilising 7.1 sound design incorporating low-frequency effects and 180° pulsating visuals across the surface of the dome giving the experience to the audience that the Planetarium itself is vibrating. Read more about his research and development of his work here.