Mitch Turnbull

Documentary Filmmaker

For the last 20 years, documentary filmmaker Mitch Turnbull has made award-winning 16:9 content for broadcasters, studios and organisations including BBC Studios, Disneynature, Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, The Smithsonian Channel, Channel 4, Channel 5 and The Royal Foundation. In the last four years, she’s also made immersive content (360°&VR) for BBC Earth, Oculus, and the UN and has acted as a VR Advisory Associate for BAFTA.

What I’m working on:

How can immersive technology influence opinion and change behaviour when used in conservation and humanitarian advocacy/campaign content? I aim to identify and explore work that has been carried out or is currently being carried out that directly answers or informs my enquiry. I also aim to devise a way to test how different kinds of immersive technology change behaviour when used in conservation advocacy/campaign content, with the intent to create the beginnings of a ‘best practice’ blueprint that can be utilised by NGOs and organisations in lobbying for change.

Expertise and skills:

I have written, produced and directed film, TV and digital content for UK and international broadcasters, studios and organisations for over 20 years. Since 2014, I’ve been involved in developing and creating 360° and VR content for the BBC, the UN and commercial ventures. I have also acted as a BAFTA VR Advisory Associate, contributed to UK industry papers on immersive technology and am an active member of the Bristol VR Lab. I operate as a freelancer, but also develop and produce traditional and immersive content with my own company, Bramble Media.