Hannah Wood

Interactive Artist

Hannah is a writer, experience designer, director and interactive artist at immersive storytelling studio, Story Juice, and a lecturer in Creative Writing and Games Development at Falmouth University. Her work across video games, live games, mixed reality, interactive and immersive theatre/experiences is concerned with storytelling modes, techniques and affordances, designing for player/audience agency and the impact of interaction on identity, empowerment, knowledge and wellbeing.

Hannah’s fellowship research is exploring forms of intimacy in immersive experiences and their impact on human connection, health, wellbeing and agency. This includes investigating poetic and subversive mechanics and how they can create embodied metaphors and alternate realities that excite, connect and empower people. She’s interested in how narrative frames and mixed reality technologies enable intimacy through interaction and immersion, and how we can design portable and accessible experiences that challenge some of the existing content creation models to represent diverse perspectives, bridge physical and digital worlds and create cathartic, intimate and shared experiences.

Hannah has developed an immersive performance piece called The Future Has Been In Touch and a feminist AR experience called Glass Ceiling Games during her fellowship. She has presented her research in a keynote speech at ‘Beyond The Console: Gender and Narrative Games,’ a conference organised by London South Bank University and the V&A in February 2019, at Kaleider’s Mikrofest in March 2019, and at the Wandering Games conference at Bangor University in July 2019.