In Our Mind’s Eye

Installation 2019

In Our Mind’s Eye is an audio-visual installation about the limit of human senses and how we use technology to expand this field. The installation explores the notion that a huge percentage of reality consists of what we cannot observe and only see in our minds eye.

The work is created as an instrument to study the mechanisms behind human vision and to attempts to overcome the separation between our perception of light and sound. The starting point for the installation is human trichromatic vision: our eyes’ sensitivity to long, medium and short wavelengths of light (red, green and blue). Based on this phenomena, digital cameras are designed with red, green and blue light sensors and digital screens are built using red, green and blue light diodes. The result is a perceptual feedback loop between humans, technology and nature, where these technologies used to capture and display images – initially designed based on our senses – in turn influence how we see and experience the world.

The work was documented both digitally and in 16mm film, to investigate how these different imaging technologies themselves affect the permanent record and potentially wider experience of this otherwise temporary work in situ.

The installation was commissioned by de Bijenkorf in The Netherlands as part of their Room on the Roof artist residency program, kindly supported by the Southwest Creative Technology Network in the UK, and presented in Eindhoven during Dutch Design Week 2019.