Hannah Brady

Immersion Producer


As Producer for the South West Creative Technology Network Hannah supports the vast talent of individuals and business based across the South West with new and meaningful research, projects and prototypes to help us see, feel, think and work differently.

Hannah brings to the network a background in the creation of immersive and participatory projects. She has designed, commissioned and delivered work with Situations, The Tale, Create Gloucestershire, Arts of Libraires and has been a long standing member of the arts collective Blast Theory. Currently Hannah is Creative Producer for the digital arts collective Squidsoup and splits her time between Bristol and Gloucester, supporting thought provoking creative projects and partnerships.

Working within the creative tech sector Hannah often holds the conversation between the technologist and the artist in the development of complex, multi partners projects, such as Where There is Light, Ulrike & Eamon Compliant, My Neck of the Wood and My One Demand. Over the years Hannah has developed an understanding of the processes involved in the creation of digital tech works and offers an insight into the methodologies, approaches and networks to help make these new and interesting ideas a reality.