Tuesday 12th November

Curious exploration in studio 11 at Porthmeor Studio , artist Jo Mayes and Justin Wiggan have been considering themes and relationships between the  immersive qualities of shadows and echoes which are connected by the notion of vesitage . Discussion centred around small parts of things that existed before lensed through lost practices of vocals and painting , two disciplines that used to be part of Mayes ( vocals )  / Wiggan’s ( painting ) creative past as analysis of personal immersion. Towards the end of the first week Wiggan was studio based and Mayes was off site at London’s Royal Astronomical Society and Greenwich Observatory . Mayes documented assets and passed on images / words as a satellite duel location test to be used further in the residency. In the studio Wiggan descended  into playful research on how a voice could be a shadow, by removing recorded audio statement and leaving entry and exit points for the statements , these ” voice shadows” where then visualised in a spectragraphic form allowing to read the information in a more painterly approach, even potential large scale paintings / beach flags.