Close up of Charlie Tapp smiling at camera.

Charlie Tapp

Producer, Kaleider

Charlie is Kaleider's Producer for the South West Creative Technology Network.

Jazlyn Pinckney Inclusion Producer.

Jazlyn Pinckney

Inclusion Producer, Watershed

Jazlyn Pinckney is the SWCTN Inclusion Producer. She implements and evaluates thoughtful inclusion strategies to deliver impactful cultural and institutional change.

Hannah Brady looks to the side.

Hannah Brady

Producer, Watershed

A Producer of complex, multi-partnered immersive and interactive works and programmes.


Melissa Blackburn smiles at camera with bookshelves behind her.

Melissa Blackburn

Producer, Watershed

Melissa is working on SWCTN’s Data strand, supporting our fellows and growing our network.

Tom Trewhella smiles at camera.

Tom Trewhella

Senior Knowledge Exchange Manager

Senior Projects Manager for the Creative Economy research unit. Interested in stories, technology, interaction, and how we build better futures.

image of Furaha Asani

Furaha Asani

Research Lead

Furaha leads the Pervasive Media Studio's research team on the delivery of a research strategy in collaboration with research partners at the South West Creative Technology Network, and Bristol + Bath Creative R + D.

Close up of Fern Dunn looking at camera, wearing yellow hat.

Fern Dunn

Communications Coordinator

Working across the website and all things social, chat to her about Instagram and hashtags.

Gill Wildman looks at camera.

Gill Wildman

Business Development Advisor

Supports the new creative collaborations through the South West Creative Technology Network, based out of the Pervasive Media Studio and the Watershed.

John Dovey stands with city in background.

Jon Dovey

Project Director, UWE

Professor of Screen Media at the Faculty of Arts, Creative Industries, and Education at UWE, currently leads the Creative Economy research unit.

Kate Pullinger smiles at camera.

Kate Pullinger

Co-Investigator, Bath Spa Uni

Professor of Creative Writing and Digital Media; Director of the Centre for Cultural and Creative Industries at Bath Spa University. Interested in creative writing + tech and the power of compelling narrative.

Mike Phillips looks at camera.

Mike Phillips

Co-Investigator, Uni of Plymouth

Professor of Interdisciplinary Arts at the University of Plymouth and Director of Research at i-DAT.

Teresa Dillon smiles at camera.

Teresa Dillon

Co-Investigator, UWE

Artist, researcher and Professor of City Futures at UWE. Central focus of her work is the techno-civic that is the relationships that exist between people, species, technologies, city infrastructures and governance.

David Prior looks to the right in front of a black background.

David Prior

Co-Investigator, Falmouth Uni

Director of Research and Chair of Creative Connected Communities at Falmouth University. Central research focus is on sound and the environment.

Alice Quigley smiling at camera.

Alice Quigley

Knowledge Exchange Editor

Working with the SWCTN and Bristol+Bath Creative R+D teams to share research and stories of creative technology with the world. Alice is interested in how we can amplify and platform the lesser heard voices of creative technology.

Andy Wood on beach.

Andy Wood

Creative Technologist, Kaleider

Andy’s an experienced software developer and systems integrator with a keen interest in design, storytelling and gameplay, especially when applied to sustainable economic or environmental themes.

Seth Honnor smiles at camera.

Seth Honnor

Artistic Director, Kaleider

Seth is the Founder of Kaleider and our Artistic Director.

Katie Keeler smiles at camera.

Katie Keeler

Executive Producer, Kaleider

Katie is Executive Producer at Kaleider. She heads up all production, leads the producing team and runs the company with Seth and Peter.

Clare Reddington wearing sunglasses.

Clare Reddington

Creative Director and CEO, Watershed

Clare works with industry, academic and creative partners from around the world to champion inclusion, support talent and develop new ideas.

Jo Lansdowne sits on green chair smiling at camera.

Jo Lansdowne

Executive Producer, Watershed

Leading on the design and development of collaborative R&D projects; exploring forms of cultural production that value difference and community.

Rachel Pownall smiles at camera.

Rachel Pownall

Knowledge Exchange Manager, Bath

Knowledge Exchange Manager for the SWCTN based at Bath Spa University. Previously lecturer in film and media at undergraduate level and a documentary film-maker.

Lloyd Brina holding a remote control with tablet attached.

Lloyd Brina

Knowledge Exchange Manager, Falmouth

Lloyd started his career working in Business and Marketing, Business Development and Intrapreneurship roles. He then went on to qualify as a Solicitor, practicing in the Intellectual Property, followed by various Innovation and Coaching Advisory roles including launching his own Innovation Practice which assisted University, Council and business clients. Lloyd has coached, advised or trained over 1000 businesses across all sectors.

Adam Stringer

Adam Stringer

Knowledge Exchange Manager, Falmouth

Industrial product design, 3D CAD, digital manufacturing, bringing new products to fruition in Cornwall.

Tom Edie speaks into microphone.

Tom Edie

Knowledge Exchange Manager, University of Plymout

Leading KE activity at UoP in the SWCTN and The Bridge, their new KE initiative for the creative economy

Katherine Stevens outside building looking to her right.

Katherine Stevens

Assistant Producer, Kaleider

Producer at Kaleider, leading on social media & supporting programme delivery for SWCTN.

Liz Roberts smiling at camera.

Liz Roberts

Research Fellow

Research Fellow for the Bristol+Bath Creative R+D Cluster and the South West Creative Technologies Network where she focuses on evaluation of the programmes.

Gizelle Allan outdoors, smiling at camera, next to rose bush.

Gizelle Allan

Research Finance Manager

Acting as a pivot point between the team and coordinating finances across all partners, setting and managing the budget processes, as well as the day-to-day running of finances