Distorted Constellations

An immersive sensory environment

You are inside, enmeshed in the web of an alternate reality. Partitions, screens and threads weave a labyrinth through the space. A throbbing backdrop of rhythmic sound and light permeates your skin; signalling its porosity and opening up the senses. You are confronted with a body. A body that wrestles with the music, vibrating with and against its pulses. A palpitating body, an organism reliving her history toward a future.

The internal and external landscapes of the performer are enveloped into each other and projected out into the space. We are immersed in Nwando Ebizie’s perceptual environment; interpreting her performative body and the landscape through each other. Caught in an intersubjective encounter, we map this environment onto both the lived experience of the performer and our own perception. Producing a constellation of perceptions that renders all sensual experience as distorted, subjective, fallible and, simultaneously, full of potential.

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