Talent development has been a core part of network activity, providing resource and expertise outside of the fellowship and prototyping programmes.

In Autumn 2019 we piloted a series of talks, workshops and experiences at Kaleider Studios. They concentrated on how creative technology can be ethical, promote wellbeing, connect us to one another and create value. The content was inspired by the themes of Immersion, Automation and Data and imbued with a dedication to creative energy, innovative thinking, and advanced technology.

All activity was pay what you decide, which meant the participants made the call about how much the event cost them. Crucially, it also meant that if participants wanted the experience but investing in skills development just wasn’t possible, they could come along for free.

Sessions were led by artists such as​ ​Lisa May Thomas,​ ​ ​Little Lost Robot​,​ ​Limina Immersive​, Women Reclaiming AI​,​ ​Sawsan Khuri​ and​ ​Mike Phillips​.

When the pandemic hit we recognised that the creative industries were entering a radical and unprecedented period of evolution. We considered that the virus might force us to use the internet as it was always meant to be used — to connect with one another, share information and resources, and come up with collective solutions to urgent problems. In response to this we we pivoted our talent development offer, re-framing the time and resource to develop new forms of artistic engagement online.

Working with multidisciplinary artist and musician, Fred Deakin, and Talent Development Producer Becca Gill, we offered a three day intensive and immersive course on delivering content online, for 12 network members. Out of this process 3 new experiences were commissioned, which you can find out more about below:

It’s Our Pleasure by Jane Gauntlett

Set in the 1920’s with stories which are as relevant today as they were then, laced with hope, flirting with things which may change in our lifetime? Please join us. Anything goes.

CHATSY (Chat Hangout And Try-on-new-bodies bitSY zone) by Freya Campbell

CHATSY (Chat Hangout And Try-on-new-bodies bitSY zone) is an online space where people can hang out, chat, explore a little world, and customise their appearance from a range of fun body parts and styles.

Made during lockdown as a reaction to the dominance of video-chat based online hangouts, inspired by dress-up games, and other online spaces such as Likelike, Wizmud, and Zone.

Featuring a modified version of the small game engine Bitsy, it features a range of art from the developer community, to be mixed and matched as you wish!

Sonic Dancer by Silvia Carderelli Gronau & Swen Gaudl
A sound based framework that enables dancers to move and improvise with each other from different locations creating a network of presence, connection and touch.