Data and Inclusive Futures

SWCTN’s approach to data led inclusion means looking at who we are, who has a seat at the table and who we are supporting so that we can intentionally and directly make paths to readdress inequities.

Here is the SWCTN demographic statistic deck from the three year programme. We take an intersectional approach to this data and understand that inequity affects our applicants and network members through more than one characteristic.

Download the full PDF here

We understand the importance of looking deeply and honestly at demographic data with a determination to keep data collection transparent and at the heart of our inclusion processes.

We are committed to data led inclusion. We aim to build a picture of the people who govern, are employed, funded or supported through our programmes to support our data led inclusion methods. Following along from this demographic statistic deck is State of Play; a research project focused across the whole of Bristol and Bath Creative R+D and the Southwest Creative Technology Network. Follow our inclusion journey at

At the end of this four-year project, we are committed to share the data from our equal opportunity survey.