Business Development Toolkit

In the course of our work across new ideas in immersion, automation and data we have developed the components of our Protopying the Business Programme, and we have made some new tools to help companies think about their offering, their way of working, and how they communicate that to others.

This set of tools are designed to help you to dig into some essential aspects of your creative business, for example: 

  • understanding and creating a closer conversation with your audiences; 
  • knowing your market and how you can get to it
  • considering the different business forms possible and selecting the one that fits for you and your values
  • establishing the right business model for you and your idea,
  • aligning with your visions, values and culture to make the business that works for you.

Work on them alone or as a team

All of these tools can be used alone, or with the rest of your team, so that everyone gets to contribute to the thinking, and you get more brains thinking with you.


We are always interested in hearing how people use these, and there is a link on the tools for any feedback you have about using them.

What’s in the toolkit?

Our Toolkit includes our new tools made for the programme, and we also include the favourites we use from the public domain. For each of the tools we say when you might use it. Then we describe how to use it, and finally what you can look out for, and what you get out of it. We also include two worksheets – one for you to use, and an example completed worksheet to for you to download as PDFs.