Tito Olawole


Tito Olawole is an animator who grew up in East London and is now based in Dorset. As an audio-visual creative enthusiast, she strives to create work that marries her passions for storytelling and music with animation, film and photography.

Unplugged is a ‘choose-your-own’ adventure story, which will unfold in the form of a short interactive animated film. It centres on a young black girl who is stuck at home, because of lockdown, figuring out what to do with her day. More often than not, she constantly finds herself torn between decisions to engage with the world around her or not. The audience will guide her narrative as they make decisions for her – all of which essentially answer the question ‘plug in or unplug?’. Some decisions are basic like, what type of breakfast to eat or what music to listen to. Others have more of a lasting effect on her state of mind and temperament. Every night when the character sleeps, the audience will see how their decisions have affected the character’s internal state. Whether she can sleep or not, what she dreams about and how she feels when she wakes up, these are all influenced and impacted by the decisions of the audience. Furthermore, how the character feels at the end of the film will also be determined by the audience: whether the character shows a satisfied state of mind (which appreciates the day just lived), or a dissatisfied consciousness, restless about the present and anxious to fill the next day.