Kill The Cat Theatre


Kill The Cat is the ongoing theatrical & artistic collaboration between Dylan Frankland and Madeleine Allardice.

Together we make bold interactive art. Typically within the realms of theatre but our work has bridged installation and games as well.

Currently we are digitally ‘touring’ our interactive online performance THE HOUSE NEVER WINS, which explores the climate crisis and gambling for the planet. (Book your space at the table here:

We are also looking to adapt this performance piece into a web based choose-your-own-adventure game.

We are committed to making our work as sustainably as possible, and are members of Staging Change (a performer led network aiming to increase sustainability in the arts). Most recently we digitally hosted an interactive online networking conference about increasing sustainability for Cultivator.

‘[one of] a few companies who make strong cases for theatre in it’s digital form’ (New York Times)