Anne-Marie Culhane


Anne-Marie creates events, performances and long term projects that invite people into an active and enquiring relationship with each other and the land working as artist, activist and collaborator across a range of disciplines. She draws inspiration from the cycles of nature and seasons; permaculture (learning from natural systems); environmental and ecological concerns or questions and listening and responding to people, landscapes and particular sites (urban or rural). She is motivated to work with others to reduce the harm we are inflicting on our planet and to increase understanding of our place in the family of things.

Projects include Abundance (co-created with Stephen Watts), winner of Observer Ethical Grassroots Award, 2010 and Eat Your Campus working with the School of the Arts & the Sustainability Team at Loughborough University, winner Guardian University Awards Sustainable Project 2014 and A Little Patch of Ground with Encounters Arts in 4 different UK cities. She has recently worked on residencies for CCANW Soil Cultures, Exeter University Earthwalking with Professor Tim Lenton, Chair in Climate Change/Global Systems Institute and A Field of Wheat a year-long project with a global collective of forty two people exploring the food system through growing a 22-acre field together.

Anne-Marie’s Producer Fellowship focused on researching innovation at a time of climate and ecological breakdown and how a specific place (Exmouth) can test local responses for global impact. How do we collectively navigate the changing global situation, and work towards better futures for all?