by Data Duopoly

Data Duopoly are a female-founded start-up, on a mission to revolutionise the visitor experience in any venue worldwide. They are creating an innovative new platform to allow venues to better understand customer behaviour, optimise visitor distribution on-site and increase on-site revenue.

Data Duopoly uniquely create win-win situations for both the venue and visitor, by facilitating personalised discounts to visitors and delivering powerful location data insights for venues.

With a strong co-founding team – Tanuvi Ethunandan, a Chartered Accountant, and Erin Morris, an award-winning Film Director – Data Duopoly have the skills to bring this to life.

Data Duopoly has already gained traction, by piloting their unique technology with the Eden Project (a top 40 largest visitor attraction in the UK), where it was demonstrated that the platform can shift visitor flow away from less busy areas via targeted incentives.

Data Duopoly will be working on automating their existing MVP, the Xplor-IT product range, to integrate AI elements and improve accessibility for less mobile visitors. The prototype will showcase advanced routing capabilities, to enable visitors to enjoy a seamless digital experience to complement their day out.

About the Team
At Data Duopoly, we believe in our mission to revolutionise the visitor experience in any venue. We hate queues, and love spending time exploring new places without being interrupted with bottlenecks. Therefore, we are pooling our talents to solve this issue.

Tanuvi, as a Chartered Accountant, having worked at EY for three years, takes the lead on Data Duopoly’s financial and business strategy. Having studied Economics at Cambridge, she understands the data analysis requirements for venues, which Data Duopoly provide via their Analytics Dashboard. Erin is an award-winning Film Director, having successfully brought a creative vision to life, and winning the Miami Jewish Film Festival in 2018. She is responsible for product development and the company’s unique illustrative style.