Creative Technology and Well Being Online Talk

The Studio at Palace Yard Mews, Bath Spa University’s innovation and enterprise hub, is hosted a talk in conjunction with SWCTN Presents… on the theme of Creativity Technology and Well Being.

The talk was hosted by SWCTN Data Fellow and Studio Resident Annie Legge from Bath-based cooperative, DOT PROJECT. DOT PROJECT enables third sector organisations to find digital solutions to thrive and work in a more connected way and to deliver more sustainable impact.

The panelists are:

Saul Jaffé from the Plymouth-based SWCTN data prototyping team, Mindflow, who are creating a personalised wearable system designed to provide the user with calming, restorative audio and tactile experiences through innovative use of real-time physiological data.

Chloe Meineck from Bristol-based Studio Meineck. Chloe is a former SWCTN Automation Fellow and prototype team leader. She will talk about her SWCTN prototype, Weather Report – a digital tool to monitor and track inner weather as a visual metaphor for mental health and wellbeing – as well as her other work around wellbeing including Music Memory Box (for people with Alzheimers) and trove (for children in care).

Dr Matt Baker, is a senior lecturer in Human Biology at Bath Spa and has recently completed his SWCTN data Fellowship. His work explores our unconscious, non-visual interaction with light and the way it influences our mood, and creativity. In particular he is interested in the way time spent outdoors can influence the creative processes involved in writing, and how this changes with the seasons. His talk will focus on the health and creative benefits of sunlight as well as some of the technology he tested during his fellowship, including scientific instruments and consumer focussed wearables.

The session will took the form of short presentations from each of the panelists followed by a curated discussion and Q&A.