The Fight for Data Rights, Illustration by Stacey Olika

Container, a new online magazine about the human side of creative technology launched today!

Issue 1 explores explores the fight for data rights, the future of performance post-pandemic, the mainstreaming of digital activism and queer perspectives on VR.

For years, technology in the media has been largely limited to ‘techno-heroic’ stories of the successful individual, big technology and corporate gain. Container seeks to redress the balance and raise up a multiplicity of voices – ones that question, dissent and explore. 

Container is a project of Bristol+Bath Creative R+D and South West Creative Technology Network. Born out of a long-term collaboration between Watershed’s Pervasive Media Studio – the heart of creative technology R&D in Bristol – and UWE Bristol’s Creative Economies Lab, alongside leading creative and technology-based labs and research centres across the South West, Container reports from the cutting edge of creative tech. It is driven by a passion for sharing these stories, that resonate with and impact on so many of our lives, with the wider world.