Photo credit David Paton

Weird-Stones will be a collection of AV webcasts/podcasts that bring together elements of David’s 11 year research into the geology of Cornwall, exploring the working practices and residues from the multiple paths of extraction that are etched through its topography. Forming a major contribution to this work, David has recently started a project, titled ‘Mythical Taxonomies: A Cornish Recombinant Geology‘, with Leach Pottery. This Leach 100 Commission is a collaboration with artist/ ceramist Rosanna Martin, and will result in a series of sculptures and multimedia pieces for exhibition.

David will bring together his past and current work into an audio-visual compendium that playfully challenges the narrative of its industrial crafts, from prehistory to recent times. He will be working with several regional organisations to host Weird-Stones, including Cornwall 365 and Leach Pottery.