All My Love: Matters of the Heart and Mind – Diagrammatic Drawing No 10’, 2020 (ongoing series)
A1 translucent paper, highlighters and black ink pen

‘Hauntology’ is a term coined by the philosopher Derrida, in his 1993 book ‘Spectres of Marx’, in which the concept defines the ‘persistence’ of elements returning from the past, akin to the manner of a ghost.

Is the data haunting me?

Am I haunting the data?

“…data should have a half-life, and then companies should get rid of it…I would suggest getting deep data on someone for the first 24 hours, then aggregated per month and use that to go forward—it is a big enough picture for advertisers but is a huge step up in terms of data privacy. I think tech companies should shift away from capturing everything into capturing smart things.”   

Lee Sy, S. (2019) Cited in: Twigg, M. Are You Guilty Of The Privacy Paradox? Online Source: Are You Guilty Of The Privacy Paradox? | Generation T. Source Cited: 12 August 2020

Zombiedata / Datacorpse
Reanimated dead data, data carcass, data relic, data remains which are resurrected and repurposed with a new use, in which the data or data environment is possessed, cursed, oppressed, showing signs of torment or mental anguish.