Covid-19 Creative Tech Call Out (Cornwall)

Proposals invited at Falmouth University.

We strongly believe that we should be physically, not socially distant at this time. Online technology has already proved itself during the current crisis, but more can be done and now is the time for it to evolve.

Whether you are trying to run or access essential services, stay fit, monitor/detect symptoms, stay healthy, progress through an online queue, maintain physical distance in the real world, restart a business, receive deliveries or simply just relax, life’s challenges are many and varied right now.

For example, a pre-eminent challenge in Cornwall is how can tourist/leisure operations restart safely? Chances are that creative uses of technology could be embraced or developed to rise to these challenges and we want to hear about the ideas you’ve had over the last few weeks. We are open to how you would like to develop your ideas and we would like to hear about how you could do this from a more physically isolated world as part of your proposal.

We welcome applications that will use Creative Tech (data/automation/immersion themed) to address the current health, economic, isolation and physical distancing or related challenges that the world is facing due to Covid-19.

The Falmouth University branch of SWCTN is looking to allocate from £1000 up to £2,500 per project idea that can be rapidly developed in to a product or service prototype / development project (within the next 1-3 months). The funds can pay for your time, prototyping, suppliers/sub-contractors, related services and general development costs. Depending on the allocations made somewhere between 2 and 5 innovative projects will be allocated funding.

Application forms downloaded below, and then sent to OR with subject line ‘Covid-19 Creative Tech Challenge’.

The deadline for receipt of completed proposals is 31st of May 2020.

Word doc: SWCTN – Proposal Form – COVID Challenge Fund[2]
PDF: SWCTN – Proposal Form – COVID Challenge Fund

Eligibility: You will need to be based in Cornwall in some way (studying/living/ working) and/or be working with a Cornish Partner organisation (e.g. a museum/ art gallery / essential services supplier/business etc.). Applications are welcome from both individuals and organisations. Both existing and new members of SWCTN are invited to apply. Your proposal should be related to Creative Technology in some way.