Take Back Control Workshop: designing automated wellbeing technologies

Automation fellows Rosie Brave and Ellie Foreman are running a workshop on Wednesday October 16, 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM, at the PM Studio (BS1 5TX).

This workshop will explore how technology is currently used to assist motivation and wellbeing, the concerns some people have with existing and emerging technologies and how the public might change this if they had control over the design of these technologies.

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In this engaging workshop, you will

  • discuss the ethics of technologies used in mental health and wellbeing
  • learn how to use Dialogflow to create a conversational AI (no technical experience is required)
  • reflect on a personal goal or habit you would like to take action on
  • explore how technology might assist you to make positive changes

The workshop is led by two Automation research fellows, Rosie Brave and Ellie Foreman:

Ellie’s interests involve exploring how we can foster user-agency in self-care technologies and break the illusion of care provided by artificial personalities.

Rosie’s interests involve exploring how small user-led technological interventions can enhance personal wellbeing and automate behaviour changes.

Both researchers believe that empowering people to make their own tools, and encouraging companies to adopt a co-design approach and provide increased control for the users of their technologies, is the way forward in responsible product and service design, especially in the area of wellbeing.