Human-Data Interaction & User Rights At The Personal Robot Era

Dr Anna Chatzimichali
Dept. of Architecture and the Built Environment, Universityof the West of England, Bristol, UK
Dr Dimitrios Chrysostomou
Dept. of Materials & Production, Aalborg University, Denmark

In this paper, we explore issues related to privacy, data protection, and Intellectual Property rights around personal and collaborative robots. This is a discussion on personal and non-personal data in the context of robot privacy, specifically focused in the EU jurisdiction.

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This paper was presented at ICRES 2019

ICRES 2019, the 4th International Conference on Robot Ethics and Standards at London South Bank University, London, UK, 29th-30th July, 2019, provided a multidisciplinary and international forum for discussing key safety, ethical, legal, and societal issues relevant to Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. More information on the event and submissions can be found at: