Baby BSL: British Sign Language for Hearing Families Exhibition in Watershed Cafe

Join VIKA Books at the Watershed Cafe for their British Sign Language for Hearing Families Exhibition! VIKA Books are one of our Immersion Prototype teams and we are thrilled to be supporting them in their work on this project.

Baby BSL is an augmented reality (AR) storybook that combines books and smartphones to support families learning British Sign Language (BSL). Sign language encourages interaction and communication between parents and pre-verbal children by helping them to express complex concepts earlier. AR animations bring language to life, creating a vivid and compelling learning experience for parents, siblings and families alike.

Simply download the Baby BSL app to your smartphone by scanning the QR code on the back of our free book, in the exhibition framed display or by visiting There are also colouring sheets in the Colouring Corner, please help yourselves and have fun!

VIKA Books are conducting research testing the viability of AR books for increasing shared learning between parent and child. All of your feedback is extremely helpful and would be gratefully received via email ( or in the feedback boxes provided.