Immersion Prototype Teams Announced

The South West Creative Technology Network are thrilled to announce the Immersion Prototype Teams.

Amy Rose – Anagram – Realtime Stagemaker Toolkit

Realtime Stagemaker Toolkit, a toolkit that will enable a more streamlined production process for creating dynamic and nuanced narrative experiences in VR.

Anthony Rowe – Squid Soup – AudioWave

AudioWave is a flexible, easy to use spatialised immersive audio system that can be used in theatres, galleries and other social spaces. A system that is wirelessly connected and sufficiently intelligent to know what to play, and when.

Benjamin Dunks – Renaissance

A movement programme with Plymouth City Housing to use digital technologies to help make the region a national leader in care for the ageing and most vulnerable in Sheltered Housing.

Coral Manton – Immersive Histories: Decoding Complexity

A prototype to explore complexity in cultural collections, aimed at enhancing curators, researchers, and audiences to investigate and interpret the complexity in historic objects, places and people.

Katie Goode Triangular Pixels – Responsive Content Generation Tool

A prototype tool that will help make immersive VR content faster, cheaper and more accessible.

18% of the UK working population is disabled and our population is aging, and we have some of the smallest living rooms in EU and our own history, and yet VR devices are also supporting larger and larger playareas. There’s a very real need to use alternative ways to create content for this diversifying medium. The current way of hand authoring every possible user situation is highly costly and tending towards impossible as it is just not scalable with the budgets available to VR developers.

These “Responsive Content Generation Tools” will be a system that will generate a VR world specific to a player’s device, location (playarea), physical and mental abilities. Games will adapt to players rather than players having to adapt to games.

Mitch Turnbull – Earth Song

Earth Song is a beguiling and playful interactive mixed reality app that explores, celebrates and connects people with natural soundscapes from around the world.

Designed for the Magic Leap One headset incorporating the Sennheiser Ambeo AR One and Augmented Audio Lab technology, the app utilises spatial computing and sound field technology.

Rowan James – Tactiles

A modular, tesselating, tactile-bass, platform to provide a scalable solution that allows the widest range of people to experience live performances in a meaningful, exciting and inclusive way.

TacTiles will create an experience unlike any other allowing for bass rich music to be felt by diverse audiences creating collective experiences. TacTiles will be part of an exhilarating accessible performance space that will captivate people’s sense of touch and enable an entirely new form of artistic expression: the haptic DJ.

Victoria Forrest VIKA – BabyBSL

BabyBSL transforms everyday words into an immersive pop-up AR storybook creating an entertaining and motivating world. It’s a playfully immersive, multimedia interface that showcases a new inclusive style of publishing that blends physical and digital environments and is designed to be compatible with modern lifestyles.