Phoebe Blair-Rains


I am a student currently studying oceanography at the University of Plymouth. As an amateur artist and writer, I have been interested in how we can use storytelling and gamification to educate people on the threat of environmental degradation in a more engaging way. For the past three years, I have been involved with the local chapter of NaNoWriMo. Taking advantage of challenges and opportunities that that organisation hosts and acting as a beta reader for other members. I belong to the university D&D society, which is key to my development of ideas for collaborative storytelling in a fun and friendly environment. Outside of writing and art, I love to swim, explore the Dartmoor, and curl up in my bed on rainy days with a good book.

Project summery

Erica Fraoch has convinced herself that she had put her past behind her. When forced to return to her hometown, that lie begins to unravel. wandering through her old hunts that she spent long summer days exploring with her Loralay. Erica is caught in the rose-tinted nostalgia of her childhood. Forgetting why she tried to put it behind her until she rediscovers the abandoned cottage in the forest which may hold the answers to Loralay’s disappearance. as Erica begins to unravel the mystery of Loralay’s disappearance. can she confront the past she’s been ignoring for almost a decade if it means saving her best friend?

Gloamingtide’ is a supernatural mystery webcomic with influences from alternate reality games (ARG) and other Unfiction media. Exploring themes of environmental degradation thought the lens of British folklore.