Molly Dennis


Having always enjoyed the creative arts, Molly studied English Literature and History of Art at University, before doing an MA in Film Production. Since then she has been freelancing in broadcast documentary television for major UK broadcasters such as BBC Two, BBC Ideas, Channel 4, Channel 5 and ITV. Working with members of the public, talent, animals, children and sensitive access including laboring mothers, sex workers and autistic children. Outside of television, she has made content for charities and independent film. She took part in a training scheme for aspiring female filmmakers funded by the British Film Institute and Creative Skillset and has had a short film screened at HER International Film Festival in Ireland.


Clarity is a short interactive 2D animation that simulates some of the challenges and experiences dyslexics face at school as seen through the eyes of a young pupil. What makes it interactive is the audience having agency over narrative and audio decisions in a build your own narrative, choosing the order in which to watch animated simulations, participate in puzzle solving and listening to lived experiences. The overall message will be both optimistic in showing the potential of dyslexics to thrive and the coping mechanisms available. But also realistic in showing the real struggle, feelings or shame and lifelong consequences of dyslexia. The motivation behind making this is that I have never seen dyslexia represented in this way in film or an interactive medium. I think it is possible for people to get a glimpse into dyslexia without mocking or being lectured to and this film would be accessible to both young pupils, adults, educators and parents.