Includ is a software prototype that helps to make marketing content more inclusive, in just a few clicks. Includ uses machine learning to evaluate both language and images and identify negative bias – whether sexist, racist or ableist.

Data is driving digital marketing to new levels of specificity. However, a significant segment of the market is still being underserved and unrepresented. They are rightfully demanding more inclusion from the companies and brands that want their attention, their engagement and their dollars. 

Advertising, branding and marketing remain industries that are at incredibly powerful image and tastemakers while still relying on the subjective tastes of the creative teams that drive them. Includ adds a level of automation to the content creation process, highlighting blindspots and making it easier for marketers to reach their inclusion goals.


Joyann Boyce is an Inclusive Marketing Consultant and owner of The Social Detail. Joyann has placed data at the heart of her approach to marketing, from idea to creation to reviewing and consumption. Joyann is currently a Data Fellow with the SWCTN, researching data bias.
Tola Salau is a UX/UI designer with a masters degree in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering. Tola has an in-depth understanding of designing with the user in mind.
Tessa S. Alexander is a Research Software Engineer/Systems developer with 20 years experience in web development, and over ten years within education, most recently with the University of Bristol.