Be more circular


Be more circular

Be more circular is a data visualisation and consumer empowerment tool that takes data on the true and hidden costs of materials, manufacture, usage, and end of life costs, to make more fully informed choices possible.

Our prototype will support better public understanding of the hidden costs and consequences of our everyday choices. By casting a light on the data, connecting them meaningfully to common products, we can tell a more complete story about products, that is not included in the marketing copy. We are empowering citizens to make better choices for themselves and the planet. It will give users a wider-lens view on material, design, manufacture, transport, usage and waste issues and presenting this in a way that encourages awareness in consumers, and responsibility in the supply chain. It will link to social, well-being and health as well as environmental factors. 


Dave Webb is a creative technologist and digital artist, who recently completed an MSc in creative computing at the Bath Spa University. Jon Somerscales is a user experience and human-centred designer working mainly with sustainable and social impact projects focused around the South West.