Camille Aubry – Data Showcase Illustrations

We were so fortunate to have the brilliant Camille Aubry at our Data Showcase creating some live illustrations for the days talks.

Here is the collection of illustrations that she produced:

Person on the right is conduction floating shapes, above them reads 'stage welcome' there is a speech bubble 'we produce new form of work through creative technologies in the South West'. Text around says: 'Data is never neutral'Arrows lead through the words data - evidence - knowledge - power - politic
Welcome illustration
Meet the Prototypes
Meet the Prototypes – Includ
Meet the Prototypes – Mindflow
Meet the Prototypes – Controlr
Meet the Prototypes – VANA
Meet the Prototypes – Pollenize
Meet the Prototypes – Be More Circular
Meet the Prototypes – Data Cargo
Meet the Prototypes
image in the middle is tower blocks, above text reads: corporation activism to the right is a box with a drawing of the earth inside, text reads: How do we use data for good? below it reads: no to green washing text at bottom left reads: we cant establish what is going on without speaking truthAbove is a hand moving through a window, text reads: transparency is fundamental, we need open data
Data and the Environment
placard signs in the centre read: self-compassion is also part of the journey. rest is a right not a reward. embrace failure! Everything is informed by culture. say no so that someone else can say yes. hands are in the bottom left hand corner ready to catch some shapes and words, the text reads: we need to change habits to have social justice not actions! above is a speech bubble with text: Create and tell stories where we all thrive in the right hand corner there is a globe, text across it reads: the climate crisis is the result of white supremacy and colonialism!
Inclusion, Balance and Belonging
Box on the left has a hand with finger pointing up inside. text reads: People often come to new technologies from a need perspectivethe middle image is hands in a circle, text in the middle reads: having a great team is key.a claw grabber on the right has text around reading: investors need to see some signs of commercial traction below is a small map, text says; have a realistic funding journey, be ready to pivot ad have a business narrative - why are you doing this?
Creating the Conditions for Thriving Creative Business
Grace Quantock on Data and Trauma