All My Love: Matters of the Heart and Mind – Diagrammatic Drawing No 4’, 2020 (ongoing series)
A1 translucent paper, highlighters and black ink pen

As an explorative researcher who makes connections across a large network of disciplines, it was during my undergraduate study that I found myself discombobulated by the endless volume of information so readily accessible on the internet, never getting a sense of a holistic view, to see where the connections and disconnections were taking place within my research. During my postgraduate study, in response to the feeling that my research was being bent out of shape as I attempted to force it into a linear format with a conclusive crescendo, I developed a prototype titled ‘The Promise of a Scattered Methodology’, which worked with discombobulation as a method and a platform where I self-published my postgraduate research.

Devising an alternative approach to present research, where I could curate configurations with content that mirrored the physical disjuncture’s within my practice, the scattered methodology adopted the interconnections of rhizomes (Deleuze and Guattari), which took me underground, to play with the foundations of knowledge. Hypertexts enabled me to spatially disperse my research in a way that was non-hierarchical and decentred the knowing subject (Lacan). By hosting research within a digital framework, I discovered that implicit knowledge and multiple frames of reference could coexist, creating an environment, in which, episodic forms of knowledge could interact, while remaining inconclusive.

What I witnessed when exploring the constellation of punctuation’s I had curated, was a feeling of discombobulation that left me disorientated within my own research, as I circled-back upon things I had read prior, but as I returned to familiar territories, shifts in my thinking began to happen, as I wandered, wondered, and formed new patterns of thinking through the dispersed body of visual and literary encounters. By producing a platform where the dynamic and limitless space of the digital realm is operated through a participants interactive sense of awareness, this method of publishing research re-presented the predetermined nature of knowledge, to consider if new knowledge could be formed in a different way, remaining inconclusive, always in the making, through a heuristic process of discovery.

Before this fellowship, I was aware that I worked with complexity, but since this fellowship, I have become fully aware that I am a process-led practitioner, which is not driven by a hypothesis I am trying to prove, and my aim is not about trying to solve a problem, but to intensify the problem, draw attention to it, and refer to the problem as a thing in itself. Since 2017 I have been working with my intuition, playing within unknown territories to seek out the unpredictable. Creating hybrid, human-digital processes, by experimenting with digital tools out of their usual context and outside of the machine, I have been working with the digital as matter, to probe it in a physical way. Activities include;

  • A series of installations simultaneously live streamed across different locations, coexisting across time and space, their precarious physical and spatial presence is insecure and uncertain, yet mute and subdued in their 2D, digital format;
  • Taking the algorithm out of the machine and becoming a host for multiple frames of reference to be slowly processed. A series of unique sequences are presented as diagrammatic drawings, then physically challenged, when realised in 3D form.

‘(net)work’, 2017
6 x installations simultaneously live streamed from across different locations
‘Blind Faith: The Promise of a 9 Meter Tower’, 2017
Diagrammatic Drawing
‘Blind Faith: The Promise of a 9 Meter Tower’, 2017
paper-mache units with digitally printed images of windows from different viewpoints, 9 meter digitally printed spreadsheet