All My Love: Matters of the Heart and Mind – Diagrammatic Drawing No 9’, 2020 (ongoing series)
A1 translucent paper, highlighters and black ink pen

The 2018, Eco Science Fiction parable ‘Ariana’ is a debut feature from the writing and directing duo Pella Kågerman and Hugo Lilja, based on the 1956 poem by the Swedish Nobel laureate Harry Martinson.

What intrigued me about this film was humanities self-destructive drive, which drove a sentient, virtual reality machine; known as ‘Mima’ to suicide!

Passengers onboard a space craft, on track to inhabit Mars, are knocked off course and turn to ‘Mima’ to soothe their claustrophobia induced panic attacks. ‘Mima’ can play-back personal memories of Earth as a once thriving and vibrant planet, but playing witness to the now indistinguishable Earth, ‘Mima’ becomes overwhelmed by the passengers needs and from witnessing humanities over consumption that has led to Earths destruction, and self-destructs.