SWCTN survey of activity over the last year

We feel really proud of the huge amount of activity that has taken place over the last year through the SWCTN programme – our fellow and prototype cohorts, our alumni activities, our business development and additional support we were able to deliver at the onset of the pandemic – and the activity of the Network members – lunchtime talks, new commissions, projects and jobs, development of exciting new business models to name a few! 

We need to be able to bring this together to understand what type of impact we’re having and to see if we have been successful in connecting people and resources in the region to build innovation and capacity within the creative sector here. We know this is cumulative and your activity in the network two years ago may be paying off now so please let us know of any updates to your activity. Equally, if you recently joined the Network, we want to know who you’re connecting with now that you hadn’t before.

We really appreciate your time to be part of this Network activity by completing the survey – it will take 5 to 10 minutes – and to help us celebrate and make a noise about what we’ve been doing over the last year.