SWCTN Immersion Showcase - Photo by Jon Aitken

We are pleased to share the full programme for the Automation Showcase on Friday 16 October (9am – 6pm)

It is set to be a day full of learning, exploration and most importantly fun!

Tickets are still available via the link below

Main Stage

Welcome to SWCTN 09.30 – 10.00AM

Join the South West Creative Technology Network Director, Professor Jon Dovey, as he welcomes you to the day and reflects on the programme so far.

Break & Networking 10:00-10:30AM

Meet The Prototypes 10.30 – 11.15AM  

Be the first to experience our 8 new products, services and experiences being developed through our automation prototype programme. 

Break 11:15-11:30AM

Our Year of automation 11.30AM – 12.15PM

Professor Mike Phillips (Director of Research at i-DAT), is joined by network members to reflect on a year of exploring the frontiers of automation technology.

Break 12:15-12:30PM

Publication launch 12.30 – 1.00PM

We’re sharing for the first time ‘Unboxing The Black Box’, a collective publication by SWCTN Automation Fellows reflecting on making with AI and Automation.

Break 1:00-2:00PM

The Role of the Producer in Art and Technology Innovation 2.00 – 2.45PM

Katie Keeler, Executive Producer of Kaleider, and our three Producer Fellows discuss their reflections on the role of the Producer in driving innovation.

Break 2:45-3:00PM

A Manifesto for Knowledge Exchange 3.00 – 3.45PM

Our Knowledge Exchange team shares our methods and manifesto for connecting research and development, and academia and industry.

Break 3:45- 4:00PM

Future Spacemaking in Creative Technology4.00 – 4.45PM

Join our panel as they explore how practice in the creative tech industry could evolve to be an industry with an intersectional workforce and audience.

Break 4:45-5:00PM

Robotics and Society with Silas Adekunle & Madeline Gannon 5.00 – 5.45pm

Silas Adekunle co-founder and former CEO of Reach Robotics and Madeline Gannon, leader of ATONATON answer your questions about Robotics and Society.

The Protoypes

Re+Collective and Looking for the cloud 11.30AM – 12.00PM

Re+Collective is a design activist community. Their first prototype, ‘Looking for the Cloud’, explores the environmental impact of the Internet.

Playable Places for Urban Spaces 12.00 – 12.30PM

Little Lost Robot discuss ways of making the complex automated systems that are habitual to modern robotics human-friendly.

Weather Report 12.30 – 1.00PM

Studio Meineck share their new tool to track inner weather and offer targeted support for mental health and wellbeing.

The Weather Report app aims to help people express and communicate their mood through weather and notice patterns to disrupt unhealthy behaviour.

Break 1:00-2:00PM

Air Giants 2.00 – 2.30PM

A soft robotics innovation using low-pressure technology to create huge, beautiful and interactive creatures for wide-ranging audiences.

AIM 2.30 – 3.00PM

A prototype computational modelling technology that uses A.I. to automate the design of permaculture planting schemes and incorporate them into soft landscaping projects in the built environment.

Collaborative Construction 3.00 – 3.30PM

The Collaborative Construction Platform – connecting crafts and trades with new digital design and fabrication technologies

The Room Reader 3.30 – 4.00PM

Aiming to democratise laser scanning, by making an open source, low cost but accurate scanner.

Data Duopoly 4.00 – 4.30 PM

Data driven smart routing accessible to all at venues, to reduce the queues, and gamify the visitor experiences

Interactive Strand

Electric Sheep Dreams 11.30AM – 12.15PM

Experience AI-driven creativity. A keyword about a dream programmatically-generates a 3D world to reflect the emotional sentiment & content of the dream.

Sonic Dancer 12.15 – 1.00PM

A sound based framework that enables dancers to move and improvise with each other from different locations creating a network of presence, connection and touch.

Break 1:00-4:00PM

It’s Our Pleasure 4.00 – 4.45PM

Set in the 1920’s with stories which are as relevant today as they were then, laced with hope, flirting with things which may change in our lifetime? Please join us. Anything goes.

Research Strand

Decentralised Art & Digital Exhibition 12.15 – 1.00PM

Harrison Willmott invites you to learn about decentralised art and explore community built exhibitions in the online proto-metaverse Cryptovoxels.

Break 1:00-2:00PM

If now‘s not the time… 2.00 – 2.45PM

Ciara will share her Fellowship insights on why leaders of arts and cultural organisations are not typically engaged with considering automation.  She’ll talk through her ideas for engaging leaders in getting on board.

Break 2:45-3:00PM

The role of the Producer (open discussion) 3.00 – 3.45PM

Our producer fellows invite discussion on the role of producing in creative technology innovation, rural culture development & climate and ecological breakdown.

Break 3:45-4:00PM

Nurturing Local Talent 4.00 – 4.45PM

Meet the recipients of the Bath Microgrant commissions as they deliver Pecha Kucha’s sharing their work.

Expo Booths

Code as Prosthesis: Live Coding Performance 11.30AM – 12.15PM

Code as Prosthesis is an interactive environment created to disseminate research on the relationships between coding, creativity. and materiality. It considers how code can function as a kind of prosthesis within the creative act – in this case, the act of creating and coding music.

Interrogating Disability 12:30-14:30

Exploring & deconstructing the disability symbol through fast automative exploration & slow automative drawing. Finding new ways of seeing disability.

Face/ On 2.00 – 2.45pm

An interactive examination of Facial Recognition including fake moustaches and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Time, Error & Thought 3.00-3.45 PM

A drawing performance contrasting the chaotic system of liquid under turbulence and the precision & accuracy of an automated drawing machine.

A Portrait Without Borders 09.00am – 6.00pm

At a time when we are distanced from each other, A Portrait Without Borders brings us together. 

Be drawn on the walls of the currently deserted Kaleider by wall-drawing robots.