‘All My Love: Matters of the Heart and Mind – Diagrammatic Drawing No 26’, 2020 (ongoing series)
A1 translucent paper, highlighters and black ink pen 

“Still, if we think such transformations through, it is interesting to realize that what seems like the natural order of research – research question, context, methodology and results – is often quite practically turned on its head with the result presented and experienced right at the beginning and the rest not following after but within it. Data, then, isn’t what is attached to something; it is what performs the exposition, actually. One way of expressing the transposition of practice into research, therefore, is to say that in it, data engagement moves from the background to the foreground becoming the scene in which everything else unfolds. In fact, it may be the artistic engagements with data, where what could be considered departures actually occur.”

Schwab, M. JAR: Journal of Artistic Research, Issue 21. Online Source: https://www.jar-online.net/issues/21. Date Sourced: 12th January 202