‘Creative Robotics Practice’ Expression of Interest

Billennium by Uninvited Guests and Duncan Speakman photo by Paul Blakemore

RIFBristol and the South West Creative Technology Network (SWCTN) are looking for expressions of interest for a one-day ‘Creative Robotics Practice’ workshop at BRL in early 2020.

The aim of the workshop would be to explore how the different interests, activities and methods (professional and personal) of BRL colleagues and SWCTN members could complement and constructively challenge each other.

The workshop’s focus will be on collaboration and networking – recognising that creative tools and practices apply across all approaches and backgrounds.

Participants will be encouraged to talk about what they are building or creating, to help shape a shared understanding of challenges, and to find solutions to problems. We want to understand how we can collaborate across the barriers we encounter, both perceived and real. By focusing on the things we are building, and the help we need to take the next step, we hope to explore (and potentially seek funding for) unexpected collaborations and solutions.

The event will be facilitated and will involve some sharing of your current work (be that professional or personal). Be prepared to talk about where you are stuck and who you think might help you move forward!

We hope the event will facilitate peer learning, knowledge sharing and potential collaborations across an interdisciplinary cohort – and that it could lead to follow-up sessions.

Register your interest here, so that we can get an idea of potential numbers before confirming a date.

Please also contact Tom Trewhella (tom.trewhella@uwe.ac.uk)to give an idea of how you think your practice aligns with “Creative Robotic Practice”

The workshop will be one day only in spring 2020 and take place at the BRL in Bristol. Space is limited space so we’ll contact those who have expressed an interest with the proposed date in order to have as diverse a range of approaches and skills as possible.