Algorithmic Art Season, 2019

SWCTN Automation fellow Tariq Rashid is curating a season of exhibits, talks, tutorials and performances in the rapidly growing field of algorithmic art. This season will be centred at the Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro, from October to December 2019, and will include activities at other venues in Cornwall.

Algorithmic art is a broad umbrella for art where a key element is designed by a mathematical process – a series of logical steps, known as an algorithm. It is a surprise to many that mathematics contains within it many surprisingly beautiful, inticate and organic patterns.

YOU can get involved! Tariq is keen to represent artists in the South West whose work has a strong algorithmic element. You might be an amateur artist, a commercial company regularly commisioned to create installations, an academic researching the cutting edge of creative AI, or something else entirely – we want to hear from you!

Get in touch with Tariq Rashid, co-origaniser, at to discuss further. Please include a description of your proposed work in your introduction.


More and more artists are responding to the increasingly digital and automated world in which we live – a world driven and shaped by software, algorithms and data. Artists are exploring code and algorithms both as a tool and as a method, and data as a new medium.

The explosive rise of artificial intelligence and its huge impact on individuals and society can’t be ignored, and artists are actively exploring machine learning methods, including playful exploration, and to ask serious questions about the limits and ethics of pervasive AI.


The Algorithmic Art Season has four key objectives:

  • To represent practitioners, professional or amateur, in Cornwall and the South West involved in algorithmic art.
  • To broaden understanding of, and access to, algorithmic art, taking into account Cornwall’s traditional arts heritage.
  • To showcase a future art form, suggesting a new direction for Cornwall’s vibrant art ecosystem.
  • To have a positive impact on the creative technology ecosystem in the south west, including inspiring young people to take up STEAM subjects and consider careers in creative technology.